La Gaceta De Mexico - Controversial Paris Opera dance chief quits

Controversial Paris Opera dance chief quits
Controversial Paris Opera dance chief quits / Photo: © AFP/File

Controversial Paris Opera dance chief quits

The director of dance at the Paris Opera, Aurelie Dupont, who faced criticism in the past over her leadership, announced her surprise resignation on Thursday.

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The 49-year-old ex-star dancer said she was devoting herself to new projects including a book and documentary.

Dupont took over in 2016 from Benjamin Millepied, the renowned choreographer and husband of Natalie Portman, who quit the post after only a year.

Less than two years later, an internal survey revealed a shocking level of dysfunction within one of the world's most prestigious companies.

A large majority of the anonymous respondents said the team was poorly led, while a quarter said they had been a victim of, or witness to, sexual harassment.

Many criticised Dupont's lack of support and poor communication, and she responded by setting up regular meetings, though it remained unclear to what extent the atmosphere had improved in the aftermath.

But her work remained highly successful.

A statement by the Opera said she had enjoyed a wide freedom of action and it had paid off with big ticket sales, including a 2021-22 ballet season that sold 98 percent of places.